March of Dimes leads fight for the health of all moms and babies. With the help of our community and partners, we build on our 85-year legacy of success to be there for every parent and baby so families can be healthy and strong.

Healthy pregnancies, families, communities and you

Families need a champion to help get the best possible start. Together with our partners, we work to meet the needs of families by shedding light on racial disparities in health care, raising critical money to improve mom and baby health and focusing our work to make the country more equitable for everyone.

Actions speak louder than words

Preterm birth, rising maternal health risks and death, racial disparities and a health equity gap are real problems facing families and parents today. But with help of our partners, donors and volunteers, March of Dimes continues to make an impact.
Families reached through NICU Initiatives
Patient visits covered by Mom & Baby Mobile Health Centers™
Health care professionals were offered implicit bias training to improve care practices

I love the group talks...I love the different experiences that everyone else has been through. It helps me along the way with my pregnancy.

-Supportive Pregnancy Care participant

Fighting for equity

March of Dimes and its partners work hard to address the maternal and infant health crisis in the U.S. Together, we’re advancing equitable health outcomes. Here’s how we do it:

What we're fighting

The issue

From the moment we're born, aspects of our society and environment form a web of factors that affect our chance to start healthy, from access to quality health care to housing, transportation and healthy food.
Working to change

A health crisis

The way our health, economic and education systems are built negatively affects some families and their babies more than others, even before birth, into their first years of life and beyond. This inequity is unacceptable, and we’re working to change that.
Igniting Impact


Together, we can ensure the health and wellbeing of every mom and baby.

Mom and Baby Action Network

At the national level, our Mom and Baby Action Network (M-BAN) is a consortium of more than 200 national, state and local partners leading broad changes in policy, research, funding and systems to address maternal and infant health inequities.
The local level

Local Collective Impact Initiatives

Our Local Collective Impact Initiatives align on the underlying challenges affecting moms and babies in their communicates, establish a shared vision, and build infrastructure and partnerships to deploy solutions to drive improvements

Rise to the challenge

March of Dimes and its partners work hard to make a measurable impact to help moms and babies get the best possible start.

$26m raised and counting through March for Babies: A Mother of a Movement fundraising event by 41,000 individuals, companies, and teams
18,300 total volunteers engaged with March of Dimes

Three new members added to our Celebrity Advocate Council, including Whitney Port, Jade Roper Tolbert and Rob Huebel
$50,000 received thanks to supporters choosing March of Dimes as their charity through Amazon Smile

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